ASTRO-TEX CO., INC. was founded in 1974 in Plano, Texas. It was our goal to supply the OEM Market with high quality rubber products. It was also our intention to create a full line of industry-standard rubber products that the OEM’s could use and engineer into their existing and new product developments. These products would be available to them for same-day shipping. As programs such as JIT evolved, so did Astro-Tex. By investing in new tooling and increased inventory levels we keep up with increasing customer requirements. Today our inventory includes hundreds of stock and custom parts.

Astro-Tex is known for custom part capabilities, whether it’s a single cavity prototype tool or a large production run tool. Astro-Tex can be your supplier for custom parts; send us a print, sketch or existing part and let us quote to your specification.

Our extrude program is one of the best in the industry. Small run extrusion jobs are not a problem at Astro-Tex, where we’ve learned that not every customer needs thousands of feet of extrusion. Astro-Tex offers 100-foot minimum runs, even with custom profiles.

Astro-Tex is also an authorized distributor for Lord Corporation, an industry leader in the manufacturing of rubber to metal vibration isolation products. In order for machinery to work at its full potential, Lord Vibration mounts can isolate equipment from other sources of vibration, relieving equipment from undue vibration, noise and stress. These products have also been incorporated into our standard product line, facilitating immediate delivery for our customers.

Our experienced staff will help answer technical questions and help you select the correct parts along with the proper material for your application. Astro-Tex Shipping Department hours are the same as the sales department. That means we ship orders right up to 4:30 PM.

Remember, at Astro-Tex we pride ourselves on fast, friendly and reliable service. We won’t “rub” ber you the wrong way.