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We are also an authorized distributor for Lord Corporation, a market leader in rubber-to-metal vibration isolation products. Lord Vibration mounts, in particular, can isolate equipment from other vibration sources, relieving it of unsolicited vibration, noise, and stress and allowing machinery to perform to its maximum potential. These products have also been integrated into our standard product category, allowing us to provide timely delivery to our customers.

Lord Vibration Mounts

Lord vibration mounts are specially formulated silicone elastomers that provide excellent resonant control. They are intended to support and protect various aircraft, defense systems, and aerospace equipment. The low transmissibility at resonance demonstrates this. Furthermore, their design provides the linear deflection characteristics of these elastomeric isolators.

Besides that, adequately applied vibration isolators will enhance the functionality of your products or devices. They will operate more smoothly and quietly, causing minimal disruption to nearby personnel and equipment, less susceptible to damage, and less costly to manufacture.

High-Quality Lord Vibration Mounts From Astro-Tex

Astro-Tex Company, Inc. takes pride in offering a wide range of high-quality lord vibration mounts. Refer to the following for the mount products, as well as their features, benefits, and applications:

Plateform Mounts

Plateform Mounts are easy to install and usually take up little space. They focus on providing effective vibration isolation. The flexing element’s contour was designed to provide uniform load distribution. This, combined with high-strength bonding and specially compounded elastomers, results in the most extended possible service life. The stress distribution is also uniform.

The load capacities range from 0.5 to 600 pounds per mount. They come in three types of mounts: square, diamond, or holder. Plateform Mounts are typically applied to electronic equipment, business machines, medical equipment, small pumps, engines, and generator sets.

Astro-Tex provides the following available options:

Small Industrial Engine Mounts

Lord Corporation’s J-20922 series of small engine mounts are specially formulated for mounting 2-, 3-, and 4-cylinder gasoline or diesel engines in various vehicles and equipment.

Flex-Bolt Small Sandwich Mounts

Flex-Bolt Sandwich mounts are intended to protect equipment and machinery from damaging vibration. This mount family has excellent energy control capabilities. The following are the available options that Astro-Tex offers:

Machinery Mounts

Lord Machinery Mounts are intended to support heavy machinery while isolating intermittent or continuous vibration. As a result, machine accuracy improves, service life is extended, the operation is smooth, and maintenance is reduced. These mounts are available in four different styles to meet a variety of requirements:

Hystec Mounts

Hystec Mounts combine surface-effect damping principles with traditional rubber-bonded-to-metal technology. As a result, the soft mount provides effective damping over a wide frequency range and large deflections. While controlling motion in on- and off-highway vehicles, Hystec mounts meet the most stringent requirements for vibration isolation and noise reduction.

Center Bonded Mounts

Center Bonded Mounts isolate structure-borne vibrations, control shock, and reduce noise. These mounts, which come in various rated load capacities and can withstand shock loads of up to 10 g’s, effectively protect equipment while improving operator convenience. They are excellent for automotive, marine, railroad, and industrial use. Astro-Tex provides seven different options for these mounts.

Conical Mounts

Lord Corporation’s conical mounts provide effective vibration isolation and noise attenuation with a simple, robust mount design. These mounts stand out for their consistent performance, high load-bearing capacity, and wide range of radial stiffness characteristics. Lord’s Hystec™ Systems, an advanced control solution, combines conical mounts with surface-effect technology to meet more stringent vibration and noise reduction requirements.

Two-Piece Mounts

Two-Piece Mounts are intended for applications requiring high dynamic forces in loading and rebound directions. Rubber in compression limits travels in both directions by providing snubbing. Astro-Tex’s two-piece mounts are available in four types:


Bushings are used in applications where shock absorption, noise reduction, wear reduction, and lubrication elimination are required. The two types of bushings available are center-bonded and square-bonded.

Grommet Isolators

For light loads, Lord Grommet Isolators provide practical and cost-effective vibration isolation. Commercial and military applications include computers, disk drives, business machines, precision instrumentation, and general industrial equipment.


Among the most critical powertrain concerns are efficient power transmission and driveline component durability. Increased durability and uptime are two features buyers of today’s complex and expensive machinery demand. These requirements can only be met by dependable, trouble-free powertrains and free of damaging loads that shorten component life. The following are the kinds of couplings that are available, as well as their applications:

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