Problems with vibration, shock, motion, and noise control are some of the facts of life in the design and operation of many manufacturing industries today. Rubber is the most sought-after material in almost every OEM company (original equipment manufacturer) because of its strength, water resistance, ability to retain heat, and longevity. Thanks to these properties, we see a steep rise in a wide array of standardized rubber products in the market to meet most applications.

Astro-Tex Company, Inc. supplies high-quality rubber products to the OEM market. We manufacture a full line of industry-standard rubber products that OEMs use and engineer into their new and existing product developments. We can easily keep up with the high demand for specialized rubber products by constantly investing in innovative tooling, machinery, and increased inventory. Today, our list includes hundreds of stock and custom parts used in several industries.

Industrial Use

Rubber products are used in various industrial applications like mining, agriculture, power generation, transportation, and manufacturing.

They are in substantial demand because of their natural properties such as resistance to abrasion, oil, high temperature and pressure, versatility in shape, fire, and moisture sealing properties, and extreme durability, which benefit different industries.

Industrial rubber products come in different shapes and sizes and have varying strength levels to withstand pressure and the most stringent conditions.

Due to its diversified applications, industrial rubber products can meet various performance requirements, ranging from common strength properties to fluid resistance, conductivity, friction coefficient, permeation, dynamic properties, and many more.

Oil and Gas

The challenges related to working within the oil and gas industry are significant with operations onshore, offshore, subsea and underground, making a huge demand for rubber in this field.

High-quality rubber is a critical material for various oil and gas industry applications. These include high precision O rings, low compressions, gas-tight seals, pumping plants, tankers, drillers, anti-slip matters, oil-resistant rubbers, and certifiable products that meet international flame-resistant and anti-static standards.

The oil and gas industry requires superior quality and high-integrity rubber material and sealing products. They must also be available in short lead times to keep production output flowing and maintain operating costs.

Medical Use

Rubber products are widely used in the medical industry. From sterilizing materials, sanitation, and babycare devices, to matting or flooring – the rubber components would withstand various methods and processes in the medical field.

One good example of rubber’s medical application is the rubber tubing – used widely as a sanitary means of transferring fluids. Rubber is used in controlling and isolating disturbing frequency’s to sensitive equipment in labs and operating rooms. Rubber also plays an integral part in providing a cost-effective means of keeping pace with developments in health care. Several devices within the medical industry rely on rubber to operate effectively.

Marine Use

Marine parts are frequently exposed to seawater, wind, rain, UV rays, and extremes of heat and cold, making rubber a highly versatile and resilient material suitable for the harsh marine environment. Not only is watertight sealing a must for any boat, but many other factors also impact marine applications. Rubber’s versatility and water and air-tight capabilities allow it to endure repetitive strain, steam, chemicals, and oil exposure and bonding with metal parts.

The Bottomline

Regarding rubber products and custom part manufacturing capabilities, Astro-Tex Company, Inc. is the industry leader in rubber product customizations and solutions. Whether a large production run tool or a single cavity prototype tool, you can count on us to analyze your requirements and provide the most effective and affordable rubber product solutions. Contact us today and discover more about our capabilities. At Astro-Tex, we pride ourselves on fast, friendly, and reliable service.